Honza Javorek

Software Engineer

Web APIs

I sit on my chair and type on the keyboard, all day long, in a factory building located within one of Prague's flood zones. The thing we're working on is hard to explain, but it involves all the things important for success in the First World, such as coffee, thinking, whiteboards, Doge, and beards, so trust me, it's the next big thing, we'll be rich.

HTTP, REST, JSON, API Blueprint, MSON, Hypermedia, holy dissertations, best practices of API design. My job and my passion. Apiary pays me to write structured code in Node.js or Python and annoying, unbearably long e-mails about code linters. Since 2016, I have worked on Dredd, an open source framework for testing Web APIs. I currently don't offer any trainings and no, I'm not looking for a new job, but I'll gladly speak at your event.

Activist on Mission

Czech Python User Group

I can't fix printers and I suck at math. I compensate it by writing long texts and being talkative. Since my friends didn't want to listen to me anymore, I started religious meetups where people adore me and think I'm saying smart things. We spread our belief by helping innocent people to learn programming.

I have founded local Python user groups in Brno and Ostrava, created python.cz and supported country-wide collaboration of all user groups under an umbrella non-profit, Pyvec. I'm involved in most local events and activities, such as Pyvo, Django Girls, PyLadies, and PyCon CZ. Since 2015, I have focused mainly on helping people to learn programming from scratch using Python, and on making the existing community friendlier to beginners.