Honza Javorek

I am a software engineer from Prague, Europe. I understand web APIs, love open source and documentation, and code in Python or JavaScript.


After 5+ years of developing API design tools in Apiary, a successful startup acquired by Oracle, I founded my own project, junior.guru. It helps people to start learning how to code and to get their first job in tech. I'm also writing What is an API?, learning materials for people starting with APIs.

Since 2011 I have been helping to drive the growth and success of the Czech Python User Group. For years I have been participating in volunteer-driven meetups, courses, workshops, conferences, nonprofit, and more.

For almost five years I have been leading the development and maintenance of Dredd, an open source tool for testing HTTP APIs. The number of GitHub stars went up 5 times since when I took over the project.

In 2016 I wrote an article about two personalities of developers, which went viral in the Czech Republic. It got republished, followed-up, mentioned in mainstream media, and I get invited to speak about the topic.


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